Comic Book: Dirty Brown Vol. #1

What would you do if you had the power to tame the sounds?

Dirty Brown is a young African-American girl who’s famous for her DJ abilities. Dirty lives in a cement truck that was transformed into a recording studio She’s very popular in the underground scene of the Big City for the unique nature sounds she records and then mixes. The legend says that everybody who went to her parties became a different human being. “Her music is like LSD”, a die-hard fan once said about her in a music magazine.

Dirty Brown’s success is owed to an ancient rock she received from a street musician when she was in deep water with her career. She loved the gift so much that she tattooed the rock on her chest.

In time, she found that the rock had unexpected powers.

All she has to do now is in order to hypnotize the crowds is to play her tunes and the magic item does the rest.

But Dirty’s life is not like in the fairy tales all the time…

One day, her ex-boyfriend, a violent ex-convict named Doe Joe, visits her at a party and tells her they should be together again. Knowing that their relationship will never work again, Dirty refuses him forcefully.

In order to calm his anger, Doe Joe pours drink after drink at the bar. There he meets a geek named Schuster, who seems to know a few things about Dirty’s strange rock tattoo.

What will Dow Joe do after he finds out the true value of the rock?

Will Dirty Brown regain the lucky stone and purify it from its bad influence? Will she find her true power and authenticity deep inside her?

Find out by purchasing the first issue out of 13 of this thrilling comic book series!

Editorial Reviews

Dirty Brown is a young DJ who posses a magic rock that helps her hypnotize the crowd. One day, her ex-boyfriend visits her at a party and changes her life forever.

In her quest to find peace again, she meets all kinds of strange but lovely characters such as frustrated geology students, gorgeous girlfriends or friendly androids who hates Justin Bieber songs.

The adventures of this woman with African origins will guide you all around the Earth. Dirty travels all her way deep inside the African savannah to find out the story of the stone that enhances her DJ-ing abilities.

This comic book offers:

25 full color, action comic pages
Vivid illustrations

Funny dialogues

Beautiful characters


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