Children’s Book: Trinidad, The Brave Triceratops

What if you had the chance to make peace in the world forever?

The events in this story happened millions of years ago in a small tribe of three horned Triceratops dinosaurs…

Trinidad, a scared little dinosaur, has to get over his insecurities and fears and bring peace to the entire Triceratops tribe.

The tribe goes through difficult times. Every day and night, the treacherous carnivores attack them. Trinidad’s dad is one of the bravest dinosaurs in the tribe. He won many battles with the carnivores. But his deeds paid their price. Trinidad’s dad lost his horn after a fight.

Trinidad admires his father’s courage, but he has a different way of seeing things. His perspective is seen by other members of the tribe as cowardice.

How will Trinidad choose to confront the dangerous carnivores?

Will Trinidad succeed in his quest to unite the tribe?

Purchase “Trinidad, the Brave Triceratops” and read this extraordinary story about bravery, cowardice, war and peace.

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