Children’s Book: The Snow Globe

What if, one day, you will be able to turn your imagination into reality?

Joe and Nigel are two brothers that use their creativity to get inside a small snow globe their uncle gave them when he returned from a trip to Antarctica. From inside the snow globe, the room seems to be a gigantic and surreal place.  Luna, their dog, accompanies them in their journey.  The boys start playing in the snow. They find a sledge and ride it on a hill. They make a polar snow bear. The boys are freezing and decide to enter the hut. There they find two mugs of warm milk and a plate of cookies on a table. Suddenly, they hear footsteps. Who could it be?

Will Joe and Nigel manage to escape the tiny world inside the snow globe?

Purchase “The Snow Globe” and read this incredible story about imagination to your kids!

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