Children’s Book: The Knight and The Princess

The Knight and the Princess

What are you ready to sacrifice in order to make your dreams come true?

Andy is a little boy who walks around all day with his sword in his hand, looking for spies and plotters.  One day, the King organizes a banquet to honor his brave knights. Andy slips in the hall and hides in a cupboard near the round table of the knights. He carefully listens to the knights’ heroic stories. One knight tells how he had fought and captured a young dragon. Another knight brag about the time he saved the queen from a green monster. Andy cannot not contain himself any longer and shouts from the closet: “I want to be a knight too!”

But nobody takes him seriously and. He finds out that he must pass through all kinds of life threatening tests and challenges.

Purchase this story and recount to your kids what Andy has to do in order to become the Kingdom’s bravest knight.

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