Children’s Book: Naomi Meets the Mighty Moon

What if one day you wake up the most popular human on Earth?

Every night, Naomi rehearses a show in front of her parents. The show is about a girl named Gilly who throws a birthday party at the kindergarten. Gilli is the queen of the party and everybody talks and dances to the Gilly’s favorite song.

But the reality is quite different…

Naomi is a shy girl that tries to make herself noticed in front of her family and colleagues.  She wants to be an actress or a singer and she would do anything to be listened.

Everything changes when one night, the moon comes down from the sky, and makes her an offer she cannot refuse: Luna promises her to make her the girl that everybody admires.
But celebrity has its price…
Purchase “Naomi and the moon” and tell your kids everything about Naomi, the girl who traded her real self for an attractive image.

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