Children’s Book: Jumbo

Fasten your seat-belt and get ready for the adventure of your life!

One day, Sam and Tom pass near a tall white fence. Tom jumps over the fence, but Sam hesitates. He stays speechless by the fence; his heart beats really fast and his tiny little hands are sweaty. He says he doesn’t want to jump. “Chicken!” yells Tom.

On their way home, Sam asks his mother if he’s good at something.  His mother tells him he knows how to make big chewing gum balloons.  “That doesn’t count!” Sam says. He wants to be good at hard activities such as… flying a plane.

His wishes come true in a extremely realistic dream…

Sam must get over his insecurities and fly a real plane in order to save the lives of the people on board.
Is Sam able to gain enough confidence and motivation to land the plane safely or is he going to crash?
Purchase the story “Jumbo” and tell the extraordinary tale to your children.

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