Help your child write stories : Part 2

Your child would like to start to writing stories? Here are a few tips from me on how to begin with!

Part 2:

Hi, congratulations! If you are reading part 2, that means you and your child practiced my first tips for writing part 1. If you have not read part 1, go ahead  and read it.

Help your child write stories – part 1

So you know all about the beginning of the story (time, place and characters), the body of story (problem, ways for solution and the solution) and the closure, the end.

So these are my further tips for you to make your child story even better:

  1. Teach your child to use dialogs in your story. You can show him at the book he loves how the writer uses dialog to show what the character says.
  2. Descriptions – show your child how he can describe objects and characters and what does it add to the story.
  3. Feelings – talk about feelings and show your child how he can show the feelings of his character. Again you could go over the book he loves and search where characters reveal their feelings.
  4. Correct punctuation – point, a question mark and the proper punctuation for dialogue.
  5. After your child finishes his first draft of the story, I recommend you go over together and check first the components I talked about in part 1. Then, go over and check if you there are dialogues, descriptions, feelings and correct punctuation.
  6. Now it is time to rewrite the story from the beginning while considering everything we learned.
  7. After your child rewrite his story and made changes, let’s go over the story again and check:

How many times I have dialogues in my story?
How many times I have descriptions in my story?
How many times I have feelings in my story?
Is my punctuation is correct?

 If for the first 3 questions the answers is at least 3 and if my punctuation is correct – than congratulation! – your child has written his first completed story!

RememberThe best writing is rewriting! Encourage your child to write more and more stories and I am sure he will write wonderful ones!

Don’t forget again to hug your child and show him how proud you are of him!

I sure am!

Hope you enjoy!  Goodbye and good luck!

Tammy Brown Elkeles

About Tammy Brown Elkeles

I was born in Nigeria, but my family moved to Israel when I was eight years old. I live in Tel Aviv with my husband Miki, a photographer and documentary director, and our two boys. Writing children’s books has been my passion ever since I became a mother. Children are an endless source of inspiration and joy, and they can teach us adults so much about life. I believe that our children are our true spiritual guides. Being a staunch optimist, I believe that we have the power to influence reality and shape our own lives, and that is the message I wish to convey through my writing.In fact, I remember writing my first children’s stories when I was a little girl. But life led me down a different path. I graduated with a BA in chemistry and nutritional biochemistry and later studied advertising as well as interior design. It was only in my thirties that I got to realize my childhood dream, studying playwriting and screenwriting and making writing my main focus.In recent years I have been involved in filmmaking, serving as assistant director for the documentary Cinema Egypt, assistant editor for a documentary on a rap group, and writer of a documentary for National Geographic. My first play, Dust, was performed in 2009, and I have completed a script for a children’s feature film.I currently have seven children’s books available on Kindle, and there are more to come. My book The Birds’ Bakery will soon appear in print nationwide. I’m also working on a comic books series for teenagers, D.J. Dirty Brown, to be published on Kindle.Your thoughts and comments are important to me. Please write to

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